Jokairy, the creative force behind the brand, focuses on the use of premium, ultra soft materials - embracing the brand's philosophy of melding practicality with sleek aesthetics. With a passion for timeless pieces, Jokairy designs with the intent to complement and flatter the female form.

JOAIRY caters to those who value both comfort and style. Whether she's basking in the tropical sun on a beach, lounging poolside with friends, or swimming in the ocean, she radiates beauty and confidence. Every moment by the water is an opportunity to feel effortlessly beautiful.

Designed for the stylish, minimalistic, confident, and carefree girl. She radiates happiness and confidence, glowing in her own skin.

Our swimwear seves as a celebration of inclusivity and fashion-forward design. With colors that are vividly striking, our swimwear aims to enhance every skin tone.